Innovations in Body Contouring


We focus on new uses for existing therapies and technologies. This allows us to build on existing safety profiles and leverage known mechanisms of action. The result is accelerated development and a streamlined regulatory process.


Our most advanced product addresses an unmet need in dermatology and is currently in Phase 2 testing in the U.S.


John Dobak, M.D.

John Dobak, M.D.

John Dobak, M.D., is the Chairman of 10xBio. He has spent the last 25 years developing novel medical technologies. Most recently he served as the CEO of DermTech, the leader in genomics and precision medicine for dermatology. Dr. Dobak has founded numerous companies and led them through development to product launch and successful exits.

Dan Piacquadio, M.D.

Dan Piacquadio, M.D.

Dan Piacquadio, M.D., is a board member and leads the clinical and regulatory development for 10xBio. Dan has over 20 years experience in developing new medical therapies and currently serves as the CEO of Therapeutics, Inc.


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